[K+] How to create a custom drip campaign

            Custom Drip Campaigns  are built in one of two ways. You can build them from scratch, or you can modify a shared campaign. For example, if someone on your team built an awesome campaign that you want to use, you can find it in the Shared Drip Campaign Library (like where the K+ default is) and copy it! Once it's copied you can then modify it on your settings page.

            To Create a Campaign from scratch 

            Go to your Settings Page

            Scroll down until you see "Add Drip Emails/Texts"

            There are two tools right here. On the left we see the Add Drip Emails/Texts and on the right we see "Add A New Drip Campaign."

            Start in the box that says 'Add A New Drip Campaign.' When adding a new campaign from scratch, we first specify a campaign name, if you want to share it, and which hashtag you want to assign the campaign to (hashtag is optional.)

            The Hashtag setting will dictate that, if you assign a lead to the specified hashtag, it will then be automatically assigned to this Drip Campaign. Very handy for creating automated workflows from squeeze pages! Simply put, if a squeeze page assigns hashtags to new leads, you can dictate that the new leads that came from that squeeze page will be on that campaign.

            After your Campaign has a name, use the tool on the left (the graphic below, titled "Add Drip Emails/Texts") to add an email to it!

            Use the "Add Drip Emails" tool to start adding emails to your newly named campaign one at a time.

            First select your campaign from the list, then specify the day your campaign should start after a lead registers, the Subject for the email they see in their inbox, and finally the body of the message itself.

            As you add emails or events to your campaign, it will populate below in your campaigns list.

            Each campaign is listed below  and has a heading with the appropriate campaign name:

            Scroll down until you see this section for your campaign that you are working on. These are the actual emails. You can set the day to send on, edit the content, change the sending method, etc.

            There is no HTML, or Images in Drip Campaigns, to differentiate them from system emails and to ensure a maximum deliverability rate. All we are trying to do is get them to reply, and an excellent way to do that is to make your email look "hand-written."

            You have the option to specify each message as a text or an email. If you choose text, and the lead has a valid phone number, and they haven't been texted in the past week by the system, then it will be sent out. Otherwise, it will default as an Email message instead.

            Additionally, you must specify if the campaign event (a text/email) is going to You, or to your lead. So, you can schedule yourself to be notified at the end of the drip campaign, for example, or create a task list for leads using a completely custom campaign.

            There is no HTML, or Images in Drip Campaigns. Do not put an email signature in them. These are supposed to look like quick, personally hand-written notes. This is for two important reasons. First, to minimize the possibility that the email will be marked as spam, and secondly, to have the best chance at eliciting a response from the lead.

            Advanced Campaign Settings

            1. Variables

            Variables are used in the body or subject of the Drip Campaigns you create.

            Custom Variables are #firstname, #lastname, #fullname, #agentname, #agentemail, #agentphone, #town, #seller_fulladdress, #seller_city, #seller_street, #domain, #leademail, and #leadphone. 


            Hi, #firstname are you still looking in #town?

            would produce:

            Hi, John are you still looking in Warwick?

            Make sure to be extra careful here, and ensure there is a SPACE before AND after each variable. e.g. "Hi, #firstname" will work fine. "Hi #firstname," will not, because there is a comma next to the variable. It has to be separated from everything near it by a space.

            2. Default Campaign Settings 

            After you create a campaign, if you wish it to be assigned to leads when they register, set your Default Drip Campaign appropriately near the top of the settings page. There are individual settings for Buyer leads and Seller leads.

            Any custom campaign can be set as the "Broker Mandated" campaign, which forces everyone's Default Campaign to whichever is set by the Broker Dashboard. If it has been set, it may only be modified by your Broker/Admin.

            You will find all of these default campaign settings near the top of your settings page.

            Basically, these settings will auto-assign the specified campaign when the leads status changes, or if they sign up as a seller or other status.

            3. Campaign Controls

            • You can share this drip campaign. Shared campaigns are visible to any user of Kunversion
            • You can set the hashtag for this campaign. Any leads assigned to this hashtag, will automatically be assigned to this campaign. It is not a retroactive setting.
            • You can delete this campaign. There is no undo button!
            • Assign to All Buyer Leads will assign this drip campaign to all of your Buyer leads, regardless of their current campaign. There is no undo button!
            • Assign to All Seller Leads will assign this drip campaign to all of your Seller Leads, regardless of their current campaign. There is no undo button!

            4. Welcome Text & Welcome Email

            Right underneath the Campaign Controls you'll see two settings for welcome text and email.

            These are optional fields. If you fill them with content, then if that campaign is assigned to a lead right away (such as from a hashtag) then they will get those default communications as opposed to the Kunversion or Broker Default ones.

            Updated: 16 Sep 2018 08:01 PM
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