[K+] How to send a professional looking email with listings

            This method for sending listings embeds them into the email with photos, as opposed to using a link.

            These kinds of emails tend to be blocked by some spam filters, but they are an option for trying to make good impressions.

            Here's what it looks like:

            You can save and send properties from multiple locations. Using the guide below, the 'A' and 'B' steps are two different ways to achieve the same goal. You can follow either or both and you will end up sending the same properties, because there is only one list you can send at a time. Once you send your list, you delete it and can start building a new list of properties to send, however you end up finding them.

            Step 1: Saving Listings

            There are a few ways you can save listings to your dashboard. This can be confusing because when you are saving a listing, it is not saving it to a lead, or for yourself. It's specifically saving it to a list that you wish to email. You will see several places where listings can be saved:

            a. By doing a search:

            On this tab, you can start searching for the listings you want to send. You may need to do several different searches to find all of them, saving them each time. If you have specific MLS numbers already, enter them separated by commas.

            Until you get the hang of the search terms, you can use the 'Search Properties' button on your dashboard:

            Click search, and you will see your listings shown in the results list.

            By using the check boxes, you can then save the properties you want.

            You can do multiple searches, saving listings each time. They all end up in one saved list.

            b. By reviewing a listing and its related listings

            If at any time you are looking at a listing, you have several ways to save it and related properties. First, by looking at the 'wwyltd' menu:

            Or by reviewing the tabs down below, using similar or nearby properties. The method is the same as the search screen in method 'a' above. Just select what you want using the check boxes and click 'Add Selected to Saved':

            You can review as many listings you want, saving whatever you want. The saved list will remain in place for 45 minutes each time you add a property to it.

            Step 2: Double-check your saved listings

            In either case of saving listings, when you think you are ready to send them, or if you want to review what you have so far, you can visit your saved list. It shows up in two places. You can check either place whenever you want:

            a. On the search page

            Here you can see 25 Liberty Corners Road is saved. I could remove it if I wanted using the buttons at the bottom of the list. You can select individual properties to remove or clear out the list completely if you need to.

            b. On the property details page

            When you have a property open within your dashboard, you'll notice that your saved list is very easily accessible without having to switch to the search page to see it:

            Step 3: Find your lead and send

            a. On the Saved Page

            1. Find your lead by name, and select that person from the list of search results.
            2. Enter the message you want that person to see in the email. Something like 'Here are the properties I mentioned I would send you.' or whatever is appropriate will work.
            3. Click 'Send Saved to Selected' to send off the email.

            Don't forget to click on the 'saved' tab and clear out the list! 
            Your email will be sent with the subject: "Property Recommendations from [Your Name]"

            b. From the listing details page

            Enter the leads first or last name into the box and click search, then follow the same steps above in part a. (Select lead, enter message, click send saved to selected.)

            Updated: 16 Sep 2018 08:30 PM
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