[K+] How to setup canned responses or signatures

            1. Visit Settings in Gmail, and click on the Labs tab, and search for Canned Responses. Then, click on Enable, and Save Changes.

            2. Go to Compose a message, and if your Signature is in the body of the Email, Delete it.
            3. Write an email that you want to save, and then click on the small down arrow at the bottom right corner, and under the light Grey "Save" section, click on New Canned Response...

            4. You'll be prompted to give your response a name for reference in the Canned Responses menu. After it's in there, you can use it whenever you compose a new email!

            Top Tip! If you save your Email Signature as a canned response, you can insert it whenever you need to very quickly! This is especially useful for when Kunversion builds an email for you, and your signature is missing!

            Updated: 16 Sep 2018 08:03 PM
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