[K+] How to Setup Chrome

            This article will show you how to setup Chrome for use with Kunversion+.

            Kunversion+ was built with using Chrome in mind. We will use a fresh Chrome installation from scratch.

            Step 1: Bookmarks

            Open Chrome. In the area that says 'For Quick Access...' right click, and select 'Show Bookmarks Bar'

            Step 2: GMail Bookmark

            In the address bar, type in: mail.google.com, and hit enter on your keyboard.

            Once there, sign into GMail with the GMail or G-Suite address that you will be using with Kunversion+.

            After you are logged in, and looking at your inbox, click the 'star' icon to the far right.

            This is how you bookmark a page.

            In the small menu that pops up, re-name what is in the name field to 'GMail'

            Then, make sure that 'Bookmarks Bar' is the folder.

            Click Done.

            Now, every time you open Chrome, you will have a GMail button. 

            Step 3: The other bookmarks

            Now, follow the same steps to add the following websites. Remember, after opening the URL, make sure you are logged in, then bookmark.

            calendar.google.com - Rename this to 'Calendar'
            kunversion.com/agent - Rename this to 'K+'

            When you are finished, your bar will look like this:

            Now you will always have fast access to the three main Kunversion+ tools!

            Updated: 16 Sep 2018 04:44 PM
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