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            Kunversion+ | What's New?

            Demand has continued for Kunversion, especially from standalone teams.  In an effort to continue to provide these customers with a best-in-class solution,  we’ve built into Kunversion+ a series of new features, enhancements for existing features, a new modern UX,  smarter AI-driven technology and more integrated tools - all to keep the producing teams and agents at the top of their game.

            Benefits to existing Kunversion users:

            • New, Modern design helps you manage your team and drive results even faster

            • Leverage the newly revamped Team Dashboard to maximize team productivity and highlight your team work horses.

            • Empower your brand with more design and seo options on your website

            • Now, get the most powerful lead-gen platform, uniquely tailored for your Sphere of Influence and Pipeline contacts with a fully pipeline-driven interface.

            • Leverage more and smarter behavioral automation than ever before, including Market Reports, Blog Integration, Sphere newsletters and more

            • Now experience Kunversion+, integrated with over 1,000 apps through Zapier, and other native integrations.

            Key differences between Kunversion and Kunversion+:

            A number of new and improved features are part of K+.  These include the following:

            Feature Area



            Updated, Modern UX

            *Modern, ultra-friendly interface

            Clean up and modernize the Agent Dashboard.  Retain navigation for simplicity, but embrace a more friendly page, headers and sidebar UX.

            Revamped Team Dashboard

            New user-friendly interface for team leaders to manage leads across their account, including search, assignment and visibility into lead and agent activity.

            Website Customizations

            New Website Customization Options

            Allows different options for agent photo style, width of customizable website body.

            New SEO Options for Website

            Set Meta Title on Homepage, which drives information shown on Facebook and other third party sites when the homepage link is posted

            Updated SSL Support for Websites

            Enables secure websites for all Kunversion+ customers (https://)

            New Homepage Featured LIsting Options

            Allows customization of websites to feature Sold, New, Reduced, Agency properties, or feature a specific area.

            Lead Generation and Routing

            New Blast Call Option on Routing

            Allows shark-tank style lead routing where new leads calls all agents, and first to respond captures

            Improved Craigslist Poster Options

            Allows agents to specify which location for automated Craigslist postings

            CRM & Contact Management

            Pipeline-driven Interface for SOI through Closed Deals

            Allows categorizing and managing your entire sphere and pipeline of contacts

            Additional Mass-Actions on Leads / Contacts

            Allows for better contact management, including mass actions for status assignment, hashtags and more.

            CRM Automation

            *New Sphere of Influence Newsletter

            Newsletter to help nurture your Sphere. Sent monthly, uses the agent or agency blog posts and subscribed counties to provide area information.

            *New Market Report

            A market update e-mail sent to all contacts, sent monthly, about market conditions in their zip code.

            Improve Default Drip Campaigns

            Improved default and welcome drips  campaigns for all sources, and allows for customization of welcome emails across all channels

            New Merge Tags in Campaigns

            Allows for more specific customer marketing with new merge tags for campaigns: contact email address, phone number, full name and address for sellers.

            *YouTube Videos in Emails

            Embeds youtube videos within drip campaign, by showing image and play button.  

            *Drip Campaign Zapier Integration

            Integrate into over 1,000 Zapier apps automatically from drip campaigns - sends lead information to Zapier and triggers other apps.

            Create seller leads via Zapier

            Capture seller leads from over 1,000 Zapier sources and bring seller detail information into Kunversion+

            A printable version of this announcement is available for download below.

            More Info Webinar

            Click Here to register for our announcement webinar, where we'll go over the new features of K+ and more.
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