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            [K+] The listing alert results are not matching my local MLS. What should I do?

            First, Kunversion is only going to show you new and reduced properties that match the criteria you set. It will not show ALL the listings that match.

            When we send out listing alerts, it's only going to send out these updated or new listings.

            To send all listings that match the search, you will need to generate the 'Full Results' link (just above the results) and send it to them.

            If the search results don't match the MLS what so ever, then double check the areas and area types you set. For example, if you selected a city type, but what you typed in is not technically a city, it won't work.

            Should all else fail, please email the MLS results and the lead info to and we will assist you.

            Updated: 23 Sep 2018 04:55 PM
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