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            [K+] What is Millions Mapped?

            Millions Mapped (or MM for short) is an app for mobile devices. Specifically, it is an app for your leads to use.

            It's intended for your leads to use to find homes. It's also intended to capture new and random leads from the app store! So, if you use Kunversion, you should download MM and leave a positive review for it on the app store. The more reviews there are, the more chances there are that random people will download it and generate leads for everyone! For free! It's a community effort. :)

            The best way to use it is to push it out to your leads. There are a few things you could say:

            - It's faster than Zillow
            - You can search wherever you want, or it can show you what's for sale wherever you are
            - It will always be free to use

            Think of all the ways the system keeps your leads coming back to the site. Listing Alerts, System Emails, Drip Campaigns, etc. You want to use MM to keep yourself front and center whenever your lead is looking at homes.

            So long as your lead or contact is using Millions Mapped, they will always use it to find real estate information, not Zillow. This is why it's so important to push the app. You don't want your contact to become a Zillow lead!

            Updated: 3 days ago
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