[K+] Zillow Tech Connect

            Zillow Tech Connect allows you to automatically send all of your Zillow and Trulia leads to Kunversion. You should use Zillow Tech Connect instead of Email Imports to send leads from Zillow to Kunversion.

            Are your Kunversion leads ending up in Zillow where you don't want them? Zillow imports leads from your email. Click here to see where it can be turned off.

            2. Find your photo on the upper right and navigate to your profile:

            3. In the top menu, click Account:

            4. Click Connect to My CRM:

            5. Click the Add Partner Button:

            6. Select Kunversion from the Drop Down menu and enter your Zillow Tech Connect ID from your Kunversion settings page. Click Save, and you're done!


            Updated: 3 days ago
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